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I will just go to my first court date and see what they say....

Please don't- you may think you are saving money by not hiring somebody but we know which crowns we want to talk to, what you are facing and what to say and more importantly - not say.  We take payments, we work with you, in the end we help. 


Will I be Needed at Trial?

You may be, we would look over your evidence and be able to tell you way in advance if you will be needed. Most times, you are not required to attend. 



THE LAW IS THE LANGUAGE OF THE  Provincial Offences Court- Call US


Do you know if you want to fight your ticket?   Just call us.  It is that simple- and it is always free to enquire about our services. 

They Gave me an offer to save me two points- so I took it.  

The points are MTO regulated, there are charges with less points that hold a heavy weight on your record- Call Us.

We do any type of ticket you may have- if it will affect your insurance and your record, we fight it.  Don't know if it will affect you? Call today to find out. 

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Traffic Ticket Defence for All Ontario Courts. 

We have been defending traffic tickets in Ontario for years.  We have Former Police Officers, Former Prosecutors and years of experience to get the best possible defence. 

Why would I hire someone if  I can do it Myself?

-Do you know what requirements are needed to convict you? Do you know if a charge will hurt your insurance? Call Us- We Do.



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