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Q. If my company gets a charge in Thunder Bay then also in Toronto- do you handle both tickets for this price?

A. YES WE DO- this price covers all your companies tickets and the associated drivers for that company in all Ontario Courts.

Q. What if my driver gets a personal ticket- will this cover it?

A. No.  This charge will only cover tickets written when your driver was utilizing one of the company vehicles under the subscription service- but we offer a 25% discount if the driver retains us and mentions that the company is part of the subscription. 

Q. What if I want to cancel my subscription? 

A. Not a problem. Any pending tickets will be transferred back over to the individuals care.  You are not locked into this subscription. 

Q. How do I pay my monthly subscription? 

A. We will provide you with a credit card form and I will be deducted automatically monthly. 

Q. Is there a limit on how many tickets you will fight under the subscription? 

A. No.  As long as the CVORs for the driver and the company match there will be no extra costs.

Q. How do you handle my CVORs and saving me?  A.  There are a lot of different ways that we do this- by fighting the tickets, looking at timeframes among other situations we are able to work to save you money! 

Q.  I own two transport companies- do I need two subscriptions? A. Yes you do. Every company is a new subscription.   

Q. My company is located in BC can I still sign up?  A. Yes.  We will handle your CVORs and your Ontario Traffic Tickets.

Q. What do I need to get the process going? A. Contact Us and we will send over the agreement.  You will sign and get it back. When the company gets a ticket we will send over more documentation per file (we would also require photo ID for the driver if applicable). There are also forms in order for us to obtain your CVOR information that will need to be signed.  Please reach out with any questions! 

What Does This Mean?  

Ticket Force offers Trucking Companies and CVOR clients with a monthly fee for all your CVOR Needs-  We are keeping track of your CVORs for your company and drivers, we are handling all your traffic tickets under this monthly fee for All Ontario Traffic tickets. 

What does it Cost Per Month For This Service? 

We Offer a Ontario Subscription for CVOR Companies.  

Fleets up to 20 -  $126.00 Monthly 

Fleets from 21-50 -$175.00 Monthly  Fleets from 51-100 - $225.00 Monthly  Fleets from 101- 150 -$275.00 Monthly Fleets from 151-200 - $325.00 Monthly Fleets from 201-250 - $375.00 Monthly For more rates please contact us

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