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If it is a Traffic Ticket We offer Full Service Defence for Ontario Tickets.

Speeding, Careless Driving, Stunt Driving, Drive without insurance, Seatbelt tickets, Driving under suspension,  Any and all Traffic Tickets, Distracted Driving

Ministry of Transportation Tickets


Our services will protect you from:

- Fines

- Increased insurance rates

- Demerit points

- Licence suspension

- Vehicle impoundment

- Time off work

- Possible jail time


Representing yourself in court or paying traffic tickets (pleading guilty) can have unanticipated consequences.  It is very difficult for an unrepresented person to argue legal issues in court so we highly recommend traffic ticket defence.  Our traffic ticket defender handles all matters, including speeding tickets.  Only a lawyer or paralegal can properly represent you as a ticket defender.  


Do not just pay the traffic ticket - you may not actually be guilty.


The cost of traffic ticket defence is insignificant in comparison to the punishments that will be imposed on a driver for failing to argue their traffic ticket case properly in court in front of a judge and prosecutor.  Most traffic tickets come with demerit points and fines in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Our traffic ticket defender will eliminate costly demerit points and fines for a fraction of the ticket price.


 Please keep in mind that we can also work out payment arrangements for defence of your ticket. 

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What can be done about my traffic ticket?


(1)  Our traffic ticket defender will obtain the evidence against you from the prosecutor and thoroughly review it for errors which could end the case immediately or help at a later time. 

(2)  We enter into negotiations with the prosecutor (Early Resolution Meeting).  Here we work to reduce demerit points and fines or achieve your other needs.  This is done by arguing law and utilizing negotiating skills.  Prosecutors are lawyers and have professional knowledge of these offences.  Strong knowledge of the Highway Traffic Act is required to succeed. 

(3)  We take your case to trial and fight every aspect of it to have the traffic ticket's demerit points and fines reduced to zero.


Our traffic ticket defender will help you avoid unnecessary punishment. During a free consultation we will sit down with you, explain the charge fully, and recommend a strategy to help you.

​Let us provide you with free legal advice before making a decision.  Please call, visit, or e-mail to discuss traffic ticket defence.


We Serve Sudbury and Surrounding areas  Elliot Lake, Parry Sound, Espanola,Gore Bay, North Bay, Haileybury, Sault Ste. Marie, Kirkland Lake, Barrie, Kawartha Lakes, Timmins, Gogama.*

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 "Amazing company to deal with.  Always Easy to get a hold of, kept us informed and

 understood our concerns.  Thank you again!!"  -Marc P.


"I didn't really understand what they could do for me until I called my insurance 

 company.  I didn't have a lot of options and my mind was set at ease as soon as I got on

the phone!  Best thing yet was I didn't even have to go to the office, everything was set 

up and we could talk electronically."  - Todd M. 



"The rates were a lot lower than others in the area and in the province.  They were very 

upfront with me about my options, they didn't suck me into hiring them, they left that up

to me, and in the end they got me off my charge! Well worth it." - Darlene C. 


" I called the office at 8:47pm one night and the phone call was answered, enough

 said.  Thank you." -James C. 


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