Barrie Careless Driving

Did you receive a Barrie Careless Driving Charge?  This could be one of two things- a ticket worth $490.00 or a Summons with a court date.  Careless Driving is the hardest charge for the prosecution to prove- it is a blanket charge which normally gets laid to cover many different offences.  Please call us for a free quote before you attend court on your own- In a year we get so many appeals from people who plead their charge on their own but they did not know that what they were pleading guilty to and their insurance rates and license were grossly affected.   Call Us for a free quote- the off set of sitting in court all day, driving to the location, a day off work can easily be justified in our fees.  

Call us to get your free no obligation quote: 1-800-488-6010

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